420: Editorial critique of novel or narrative nonfiction manuscript from Book Doctor Andrew Wille

ITEM: Editorial critique on the opening 15,000 words of a manuscript.

DETAILS: Book doctor Andrew Wille will give an editorial critique on the first 15,000 words and synopsis for your novel or work of narrative nonfiction (if you’re writing YA or children’s fiction, you might gain more useful input from another editor). He will write a short report and also offer a selection of detailed comments on, e.g., voice, narrative style, and other aspects of craft, helping you take your work-in-progress into its next draft. He can also give advice on making approaches to agents and editors.

BIO: I am an editor and creative writing tutor. I have worked with many bestselling and award-winning authors, and am particularly experienced in the following areas: literary fiction, LGBTQI writing, works in translation, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, memoir, history, and narrative nonfiction. More info at: http://wille.org/blog/about/

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide.

Andrew Wille


Bid here

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