428: Critique of a short story or opening chapters of a novel (up to 5000 words) from Gary Dalkin

Headshot, Gary Dalkin

ITEM: Critique of a short story up to 5000 words or of the opening chapters of a novel, again up to 5000 words.

DETAILS: The critique will consist of a detailed report covering character, story, etc., as well as specific comments on a copy of your Word document.

BIO: Gary Dalkin is a freelance editor and writer. Recent editorial projects include Andrew David Barker’s award-nominated Dead Leaves, Adrian Besly’s memoir of cycling around the world, Do It, and cult fantasy artist Alex CF’s debut novel, Seek The Throat From Which We Sing. Gary writes every month for Writing Magazine, Britain’s bestselling magazine for writers. Recently he contributed four chapters to Literary Wonderlands: A Journey Through The Greatest Fictional Worlds Ever Created, edited by Laura Miller. Gary is a former judge of the Arthur C. Clarke Award, former editor of Vector, and was instrumental in launching the international New Media Writing Prize. Find out more about Gary Dalkin at www.tothelastword.com

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide (by email)


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